Structured Fitness Inc.

Phil Clahar


Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer 

American Aerobic Association International Certified Personal Trainer 

International Sports Medicine Association Certified a Personal Trainer 

25+Years of Weight Training/Weight Management Experience 

National and International Level Bodybuilder

(Mr. Florida 2008 And Mr. Jamaica 2009)

Former Collegiate Free Style Wrestler 

Former National Level Competitor in Chinese Karate

Areas of Specialty

Weight Management 

Strength Training 

Athletic Conditioning

Nutrition Guidance/Assistance 

Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness Competition Preparation

I Phil Clahar have spent the past 25 + years of my life researching and implementing strength training nutrition and weight manipulation to achieve my personal goals in wrestling, martial arts and bodybuilding. During the past 12 + years, I have passed on my knowledge and research to my PT clientele. My greatest joy and passion are to see the happiness & satisfaction in my client’s achievements. The motto that I hope to instill in my clients is

Dedication + Determination = A Great Transformation!

Top 8 Reasons to Hire Phil Clahar 

Fitness Specialist 

(1) You want supervision and support during workouts

(2) You have a injury/condition that you need assistance with

(3) You are getting ready for a sport or a event

(4) You need accountability and motivation 

(5) You are bored with your workouts & need to change things up

(6) You don't know where to start

(7) You are not seeing any results and what to be challenged

(8) For better time management in the gym

Contact Info:

(813) 482-8945