Strength And Conditioning

Build The Body You’ve Always Wanted With Florida Strength And Conditioning Training

Some people think of Florida Strength and Conditioning Training as something that is only important for athletes. That’s not true at all. Almost anyone can benefit from strength training,but it must be the right kind of strength training for your fitness level.

You’re Losing Muscle Mass Every Day Unless You Do Something About It

It’s no secret that people lose muscle mass as they get older, losing lean muscle and gaining fat. Everyone benefits and looks better with regular strength training and conditioning. Studies have shown that strength training is good for heart health, improving balance, weight loss, and building stronger bones.
Florida Strength Training by Phil Clahar is especially valuable for seniors. Loss of strength in older people contributes to weak bones, falls, and fractures.

The Benefits of Strength Training

There are many benefits from strength training and conditioning, including:

  • More energy and stamina. As people become stronger, they don’t tire as easily and have more energy.
  • Stronger bones. Strength training causes bone density to increase, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Weight control. Strength training increases the proportion of lean muscle and reduces fat, resulting in a leaner, fitter you.
  • Mental focus. Some studies found that regular strength training increased attention spans and focus.
  • Management of some chronic health conditions. Strength training has helped many to manage the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, back pain, obesity, and arthritis. Discuss the proposed training with your doctor first.

How is Strength Training Accomplished?

One of the advantages of strength training is that it can be done in a gym or at home. Most people do both, using equipment to exercise at the gym and doing zero equipment exercises, such as pushups or leg squats, at home. Attending group classes to learn how to properly do the exercises is essential for anyone who hasn’t done this before. It’s a very bad idea for someone to jump into an exercise program that is far above their current fitness level. You need to start where you are and progress to your ultimate goal.

Phil Clahar, an experienced strength trainer in Florida, will work with you to establish your goals. Phil will ask you to go through a few simple exercises to establish your baseline fitness level. A personalized training package will become the road map to the new you. As you become stronger, the exercise regimen will adapt to your improved fitness level.

Once your goals have been reached and you’re happy with how you look and feel, the program is revised so you can maintain your strength and the new, lean look.
• Barbells and dumbbells are familiar exercise tools for strength training.
• Weight machines are commonly used for resistance training.
• Use your body weight. Learn the proper way to do pullups, pushups, leg squats, abdominal crunches and other exercises from Florida Strength Trainer Phil Clahar and continue your strength training at home.
• Muscle toning. Women, in particular, are most interested in a toned physique, with firm, but not unduly large, muscles. One way to achieve this goal is to perform a series of light, high-repetition exercises.
• Customized nutritional guidance is crucial to achieving your strength and fitness goals. Learn how to eat the right foods.

Start your journey to increased strength and fitness by calling today and scheduling an initial consultation with Florida Strength Coach Phil Clahar, President of Structured Fitness Inc./Team Clahar. Find out from Phil how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Adopt Phil’s personal motto as your own: “Dedication + Determination = A Great Transformation!”